Friday, 25 March 2011

I think I have forgotton how to blog...

It seems its a big job overhauling your business, that's what I seem to be doing and the rest of my life is currently nuts too.  I don't tend to talk about personal life much in the arena of work, mostly because I quite private when it comes to my family and private life.  I'm not someone who declares I'm a wife or a mother or whatever because its not to do with my work and is.

Balance: I am not an executive in a corporation, I'm not Marks & spencer, I'm an artist and I'm maybe a bit eccentric, I don't necessarily live by the same rules I will try to push them a bit.  I do everything in my business like many artists designers and I juggle a hefty amount of 'stuff', but I seem to thrive on hefty juggling.

In Jan My family moved into a new house In Jan, our first house, before this we lived as an extended family renting the top part of my parents house along with my sister who I am very close too.  I have myself a partner (the man) and I also have myself a daughter who is 10.  My daughter is autistic, has PDA, language disorder and learning difficulties, we spend a lot of time with health professionals at appointments and trying to get the things my daughter needs. Lots of red tape, paperwork, reports, phone calls, appointments, form filling and sometimes appealing and fighting.

We moved, we have no storage at all, the floor is my wardrobe.  We discovered woodworm in the living room floor so had to move our living space to the attic and get the floor treated which was nasty with chemicals and fumes.  My daughter is going through 'transition' i.e finding a secondary school for her.  It was all sorted we have to do it a year earlier than everyone else, we found a specialist school we were offered a place, only to be phoned a few weeks ago and to be told 'they' had changed their minds and would we like to send our daughter to a different specialist school we had not been told to 'investigate'. So panic ensued phone calls, visits, phone calls, phone calls and more phone calls and now its finally sorted.

While all this is going on I am 'overhauling' my business: all new graphics for my website that I'm doing, new packaging, logo stamps, new work designs, 2 blogs which are not exactly how I want yet, new photography with new lens, a new catalogue soon, new jewellery which is taking lots of research, trade orders, more attention to my etsy shop, twitter account and more attention to my facebook page.  There is more stuff but anyhow.

Its a lot of work.  I don't like giving excuses, I am professional but I'm not Topshop with a PA.  I'm a perfectionist, I'm kind of manic and probably kind of nuts! so if I tell you that "something came up & I didn't get to the post office in time today" something major probably did come up!

 New button design
 me after painting buttons
 new designs
 New Lens


TheBeasKnees said...

I love this, but Geeze you are skinny! :D

Wendys Hat said...

Lovely buttons! You are a talented artist and photographer.

Laura said...

thank you Wendy =)